Europe (Germany - Mönchengladbach)
Dust and sweat on your skin, burnin heat in one hell of a night. Deserts sand and darkness in the eyes, with the sound of a nightmare in the ears. A bottle of rusty tequila, hungry for some solid geckoburger. www.Bucket-Boys.com
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Waitin' for the end (song on spotify)
From A to C (album on spotify)
Twentyfive (album on spotify)
Love'n'hate (album on spotify)
Thoughts on an electric chair (album on spotify)
Have you ever seen (song on youtube)
Accept (song on youtube)
Velvet eyes (song on youtube)
Waitin' on my train (song on youtube)
Forgotten and forgiven (song on youtube)
A special day to die (song on youtube)
Rose (song on youtube)
She cries (song on youtube)
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