Liz Fawcett - DistroKid
Liz Fawcett
Villa Park, CA
Liz Fawcett grew up performing and singing at the age of 5 years old, singing at school, church, bars, clubs and wherever she could perform. She has sung with Michael Crawford from phantom of the opera and other well known producers/performers!
This is the Moment (ft. Big Walt)
Moody Girl Vol (1)
Just Be
I knew I loved you
To Be Seen
Be Someone
Summertime (Feelin' Fine)
On Our Way
Lullaby Songs
Jingle Bells
Drummer Boy
The Christmas Song
White Christmas
Last Love
The One For Me (feat. BiG WaLt)
Choose You
6 Feet Away
Start Again
Take This with You Tonight
Let's Be Gone
Never Before
Winter Wonderland
Start Again
It's All Good
Going to LA
Story of My Life
Fill Me In
The Letter
New Times
My Love
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