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MN Moder
Duluth, MN
MN Moder is primed for superstardom. He can rap, sing and act among other things all while maintaining originality. His story is one of perseverance; promoting a positive message of making good out of even the worst situations dubbed, "Modervation"!
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READY - 7/3/23
Nothin' For Ya
Just Forget It (Prod. Jason Szklarek)
Just Forget It (Radio Edit)
Shooting Star
3's Company EP
One Minute Murder
Sweet Dreams EP
Work 4 It
Continuum EP
103.3 FM The North Live From Studio A - Homegrown Edition
Dogstar Podcast Interview - 94.1 FM WFNU-LP
Fox 21 Interview
iHeartRadio Canada Article
Voyage Minnesota Interview
Recording Artists Guild Interview/EP Review
Paul Mash Interview
Duluth Homegrown Music Festival
Song Write Ups/Reviews
Indecisive - Perfect Duluth Day
Pop Hits R&B and Hip-Hop Songs That Will Change The Way You Listen To Music
Just Forget It - Necessary Outlet
Just Forget It - IGGY Magazine
Just Forget It - Sistra
Just Forget It - The Other Side Reviews
Christ Air - Perfect Duluth Day
One Minute Murder - Perfect Duluth Day
Just Forget It - Good Music Radar
Just Forget It - Artisti Online
Just Forget It - Osgarotos De Liverpool
Ascendence Podcast - Maserati Review
Acting - Released
The Dead Are Home (2019)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season Opener (2021)
Survivor [Teaser] (2022)
Featured In
Cici - Vance Brown Feat. MN Moder
Hotter - C-Silence & NorthWood Feat. MN Moder
Love Letter (Explicit) - NorthWood & MN Moder
Lotus - NorthWood & MN Moder
Love Letter (Radio Edit) - NorthWood & MN Moder
We Bussin - Jay Blaine Feat. Jake Giller & MN Moder
Time - Kimahri Feat. MN Moder
Fascinated - NorthWood Feat. Jantzonia & MN Moder
Joka - Renagade Feat. MN Moder
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