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Daniel G. Harmann
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Unspoken Ghosts VINYL
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Upcoming Releases
I Choose You w/ Alessandra Rose
Current Releases
Small Eruptions w/ Arbee
Only Through a Glass Darkly
Lost Messages w/ Mondo Loops
infinite in all directions w/ Hush Child
Dream Edit by Unlearn & MP Shaw (Daniel G. Harmann Remix)
August and Everything After
Autumn Leaves w/ Sam Miller
Moonland by NORVMBEGA (Daniel G. Harmann Remix)
Alien by Xylo Aria (Daniel G. Harmann Remix)
Unspoken Ghosts (Special Edition)
a prime target for anarchy // the ECHO FINCH remixes
On Melancholy Hill w/ Lake Elsewhere & Harry Seaton
DREAM WEIRD w/ Sam Miller & Hyri
Unspoken Ghosts, Vol. 2
beauty in the morning w/ Sam Miller
Parallel Lines w/ Factual Acts
Freeway w/ Midnight Bike Rides
Seriously Dark Clouds w/ Sam Miller
Wicked Game w/ Lake Elsewhere & Harry Seaton
Cast Iron Hearts w/ Malo Beats
Hey Ya! w/ Lake Elsewhere & Harry Seaton
Unspoken Ghosts, Vol. 1
when she opens the door, i am reborn
Ultimatums w/ Hush Child
As It Was w/ Lake Elsewhere & Harry Seaton
60206 w/ Marci.DH
Comms w/ Lake Elsewhere & Harry Seaton
Blue Moon w/ Lake Elsewhere & Harry Seaton
Virtual Berlin w/ Telepathic Traffic
Nightly News w/ Lake Elsewhere & Harry Seaton
You'll See w/ Liam Killen
Show Me w/ Javi Guzman & Frances Leone
Never Gonna Give You Up w/ Lake Elsewhere & Harry Seaton
Shoot With Your Heart w/ Lazer Owl
America w/ Harry Seaton
One Try w/ Nefertiti Gold
Laura Minnesota w/ Hush Child
Cabin Skies w/ Lil Miss Beats
Frailty Lines w/ Mondo Loops
the gift w/ wltv
Dream Big w/ Nico Santana
Treetops w/ Just Eric
Hold on Hope
Both Omahas
andalusia w/ nobuddy
Seven and Three w/ Ryly Roberts
Christmas Releases w/ Jasen Samford
No Christmas For Me / Ribbons and Bows w/ Jasen Samford
Won't Be Alone Tonight / Christmas Must Be Tonight
Alone on Christmas
Christmas in Quarantine or: CO-HO-HOVID-19
Please Come Home for Christmas
It Feels Like Christmas
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