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🇬🇷 Epanomi & 🇩🇪 Marsberg
🇬🇷 Μουσικοσυνθέτης, παραγωγός & ιδιοκτήτης της Koioga Records 🇩🇪 Komponist, Produzent & Inhaber von Koioga Records 🇬🇧 Composer, Producer & owner of Koioga Records
Releases (New releases on top) / Μουσικἐς κυκλοφορἰες (Οι νέες πάντα πάνω στη σειρά)
Offshore Party
DaSoS 2
El cielo es el limite
Sogni Tropicali (volume quattro)
Sogni Tropicali (volume tre)
Sogni Tropicali (volume due)
Sogni Tropicali (volume uno)
Island of Undead
Post Muerto
Mental Jungle
The Legend of Seven Seas
The Man from Epanomi
dama & dj K.I.R. - Damanda the Remixes
Frappe Del Mord 3
H Trypa
Night of the Living Dream
Summer of 20
Pulling Strings (feat. Dimitra Polia)
Cara Mia Quarantena
dama & dj K.I.R. - 30 Shapes of Kafrila
Lost and Found Life
Golden Lambda Crowbar
Frappe Del Mord 2
Ignore Me (feat. Angelica Batsou) [Trivoo Ambient Edit]
Ignore Me (feat. Angelica Batsou)
City and the Night
Frappe Del Mord
Save the Running Bread
Spooky Words
Mental Damage
Merchandise / Επίσημο εμπόρευμα
RedBubble Merchandise
Official Websites / Επίσημες ιστοσελίδες
dj K.I.R. Official Website
Koioga Records
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