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Fire Sale
Los Angeles, CA
Fire Sale is an American melodic punk band consisting of current/former members of Face To Face, The Ataris, No Use For A Name, and The Iron Roses. Booking: [email protected]
Stream our EP, “The Albatross”
Stream our song, “Vultures” on Bandcamp!
Stream our EP , “A Fool’s Errand”
“The Albatross” 7” - US
“A Fool’s Errand” 7” - US
“A Fool’s Errand” 7” - UK/Europe
“A Fool’s Errand” 7” - Asia/Australia
Negative Progression Records
Road Dog Supply
Merch 49
Fire Sale Official Website
“We Dance For Sorrow” Official Video
“A Fool’s Errand” Official Video
“Dark Hearts” Official Video
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